Welcome to this site, which will keep you informed of the group's activities. We are a broad coalition of all faiths and none, political groups, campaigners and individuals from in and around the MK area who came together to stop the war in Iraq, and continue to campaign against imperialist wars around the world.


This site was last updated on 19/12/2015  

The Campaign Continues... Join Us

We continue to campaign on the following issues:

  • No Bombing Syria & Iraq!
  • Defend Civil Liberties
  • No Racist Backlash
  • Palestine - support the rights of Palestinians




STOP TRIDENT! -- public meeting in MK planned for Mid February. Details to follow.



Past Action

Demo outside MK Station, 11th December

Don't Bomb Syria!

CMK shoppers were asked to stop and think on Saturday, 28th November 2015, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Members and supporters from MK Stop the War group demonstrated to draw attention to the forthcoming parliamentary vote over the UK extending bombing raids against ISIS into Syria, believing that the escalation of UK involvement in bombing raids is potentially playing into the terrorists hands, making the UK an even more likely terrorist target and contributing nothing to the urgent and compelling need for a negotiated peace amongst the different factions fighting in Syria. Shoppers were asked to contact their M.P. to express their concern and urge a vote against the government proposals. Placards and leaflets spelt out the message- DON'T BOMB SYRIA!


No To Military Intervention In Syria!

More than a dozen people turned up to support a Milton Keynes Stop the War stall on Thursday 29 August 2014 (11.30am to 1.00pm). On the same day Parliament was debating a Government motion on Syria the MKSTW stall was urging people to oppose any military intervention. A vast majority of passers-by were in agreement with us and over a hundred people signed our petition against any military intervention.


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MK Group Events...  

  • The Stall
    We hold occasional stalls at City Square CMK from 12:20 to 13:30. Come and join us. For the next stall, please use the contact number

  • Occasional Meetings
    From time to time we host discussion meetings or invite speakers with specific expertise to address a special meeting. The next one will be posted on our web site or phone the contact number. All welcome.

  • National Demos
    We will know when the next national demos will be - see the web site or phone the contact number. We like to go as a group so come join us.

  • Planning Meetings
    Next planning meeting will be on TBA. Use the contact details below to find out where this will be held and obtain directions.


What you can do


  1. Come to the Saturday Stall
    From time to time we hold a stall at City Square Central Milton Keynes (opposite the library). We distribute leaflets, get petitions signed and generally keep the agenda on the public's mind. It is also an opportunity to chat and discuss current issues with each other. You could just come and meet others, pose questions and share your thoughts - you would be most welcome.  See MK Group Events for next stall dates.

  2. Put your name on the stall rota
    We need people to commit themselves to staffing the stall. General duties may involve picking up the equipment, setting up or just being there to provide moral support. On each stall we will need at least 4 people on the rota so you would not be alone.

  3. Take part in organising
    You might have administration skills, be good at organising, or accounting. You may have good ideas or see things from new angles. Whatever your particular skill or knowledge we need your help in organising events and keeping the show on the road. We have a loose steering committee comprising the usual 'officers' but we welcome anyone. Ring the contact number and find out how you could help and when the next meeting is.

  4. Become a member or give a donation
    We are a voluntary group, and to cover the cost of printing, mailings, coach bookings, etc. we rely upon donations from supporters. Membership is also available at 1, from the Stall or from the contacts below

  5. Turning up when needed
    You might be busy and only able to turn up for the odd event. That's fine. Make sure we have your contact details and we will keep you in touch. We will tell you when we need a big turn out for something. But why not write letters to the local press or politicians keeping the issues 'live' with them (see below). We can help. Iain Stewart [website] or Mark Lancaster [website]

  6. See What you can do... on the national coalition website


Other resources




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